Zsite 7.0.1 is released!

Zsite 7.0.1 has been released! This upgrade is to fix bugs. Change Log  Fixed custom block error in Ueditor.  Fixed auto break in custom block of left column. Fixded date and time error ...
2018/04/21   Amber   11


2018/04/20   李艳玲   22

6 Things You Should Know About Scrum

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time
2018/04/20   Renee   14


2018/04/19   管西迎   34

4 Modules You Should Look for in Office Automation System (OAS)

Office automation system is an information system which is computer based that collects, processes, stores and transmits electronic messages. When it comes to selecting office automation tools to ...
2018/04/15   Yves   31

Synchronize remote repositories via Git to local server and auto update it

My Requirements Git server A: remote repositories on GitHub or something like that Git server B: intranet I build I want to build a repo on sever B which will auto synchronize with that on server...
2018/04/15   Memory, Renee   30

Delete an element in slice using append in GoLang

Array [a b c] Task: Delete the second element. Get [a c]. Steps: package main import ( "fmt" ) //function used to delete the element func remove(s []string, i int) []string { return ap...
2018/04/15   Memory, Renee   30

Top 5 Wordpress alternatives 2018

With numerous CMS available, you might feel lost and don't know which one to choose. You have to compare all the pros and cons of the CMSes and make your decision. Here is a list of things you should ...
2018/04/13   Amber   39


2018/04/13   李艳玲   56

ZenTao Enterprise 1.1.4 has been released!

ZenTao Enterprise 1.1.4 has been released! This release is mainly to be synchronized with ZenTao 9.8.3. 1. ZenTao Enterprise Features Integrated with ZenTao open source 9.8.2 Click to view ...
2018/04/12   Yves   35