Zsite 7.2.stable is released!

Zsite 7.2.stable is released!Change LogMerge WeChat Pay and WeChat Login to Zsite open source.Add Tab to switch blocks.Design the layout and actions of Module.Design the way to switch material library...
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Zdoo 4.8.stable has been released!

Zdoo 4.8 stable has been released! This release is mainly to fix bugs and to synchronize with Xuam.im 2.0 which is an open source instant messenger developed by our team and can be integrated wit...
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ZenTao 10.3.stable is released!

ZenTao 10.3.stable is released! This release is to fix bugs. Installation and Upgrade Manual Installation UpgradeChange LogBugs                  1523  ...
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DevOps Management in ZenTao

DevOps is quite a popular concept nowadays, which is to combine software development(Dev) and software operations (Ops). According to Jez Humble, DevOps is “a cross-disciplinary community of prac...
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CRM是通过对企业业务流程的全面管理来理顺客户关系,降低企业成本。CRM对企业业务流程的管理主要包括:一)沟通管理销售人员通过记录与客户的沟通内容、建立日程安排、查询预约提醒、快速浏览客户数据,回溯客户维护全过程,有效缩短工作时间,也保留了原始的客户资料和数据。 (然之CRM可以查看客户的跟进方式、时间、结果、跟进对象以及沟通细节全程跟踪记录)二)合同管理到达合同签订阶段,销售人员就可以...
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Export stories from ZenTao in html

Story management is important in software development, which has an impact on managing other aspects involved in software projects. In the Story module of ZenTao, users can manage many types of produc...
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