10 common scrum errors that should be avoided

When people think of agile, they think of "Scrum." Scrum is a widely used, or even been abusively used. Scrum is conceptually simple, but it is difficult to actually use it. Here are 10 common Scrum...
2018/05/28   Pedro   33

Agile development - What is Scrum?

Agile development is getting hotter now, everyone is talking about agile, everyone is learning Scrum and XP. In order not to be left behind, I began to learn Scrum. Here I will talk about my recent re...
2018/05/28   Pedro   41

The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is written by Gene Kim with Kevin Behr and George Spafford is the story of an IT manager who suddenly finds himself promoted into a senior role at the fictional American compa...
2018/05/27   Renee   48

Practice: ALM supports DevOps

Application Lifecycle Management, ALM for short, is the practice of DevOps and the support to companies. It is a very important practice in DevOps and fundamental to other practices. Nowadays, co...
2018/05/27   Renee   42

ZenTao 10.0.alpha is released! New UI/UX and new experience!

Hello, ZenTao users! THe long expected release of ZenTao is finally here! This release is bringing you brand new UI and UX, and all pages have been optimized. Since the first release of ZenTao 0.0 A...
2018/05/22   Renee   46

ZenTao vs. Jira 6 : story, issue and epic

Jira claims itself as the #1 software development tool used by agile teams, so it is an Agile tool. ZenTao is a Scrum tool and also supports other frameworks of agile, such as Kanban. In ZenTao, the c...
2018/05/20   Renee   45

7 Ways to Fail at Agile

Creating and sustaining a successful agile program requires a strong commitment and careful planning. Yet ruining a functional agile initiative is remarkably easy.
2018/05/14   John Edwards   50

Data Sercurity WEEKLY 05/15

Data is the core of any business, so it attracts the attack. 2% of the core data contained 70% of the key information, such as customer information, intellectual property rights, marketing plan and tr...
2018/05/14   Renee   45

Zdoo Pro 2.5.1 is released!

ZDOO Pro 2.5.1 is released! This release is to optimize details, and to fix bugs. About Zdoo Pro Zdoo Pro 2.5.1 is based on Zdoo open source 4.6.3. For change log, please refer to Zdoo Open ...
2018/05/11   Renee   62

Top Secret: How senior PO writes a PRD

Product Requirement Document (PRD) is very common to Product Owners. It is to transfer product projects from conceptualization to visualization. and to make the Marketing Requirement Document (MRD) in...
2018/05/11   Renee   118