ZenTao 10.0.beta is released!

Hello, ZenTo users. After a two-week sprint, ZenTao 10.0.beta is released! This release is to fix bugs in alpha and to optimize in details. Download it and feel free to send us your feedback. Note:...
2018/06/11   滕菲   46

Zdoo 4.7.stable has been released!

Zdoo 4.6.1.stable has been released! This release is mainly to fix bugs and optimize details. Download -Source code package: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.7/ranzhi.4.7.stable.int.zip -Wi...
2018/06/11   Renee   38


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2018/06/04   王怡栋   69

Zsite Pro 1.6.2 is released! Online test is added!

Zsite Pro 1.6.2 is released! Online test has been added in Zsite Pro. This release is to synchronize with Zsite open source 7.0.1. About ZSITE Pro ZSITE Pro 1.6.2 is based on ZSITE 7.0.1 open sou...
2018/06/02   滕菲   41


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2018/06/01   李艳玲   109

Implementing Scrum Using ZenTao

Scrum is all about increment and iterations. It attached great importance to communications among team members. Scrum, not like Waterfall which requires everything to be ready at the beginning of th...
2018/06/01   Renee   48

How can ZenTao fill up a vancancy in Jira?

Jira, in project management, is claimed to be the number one tool used by agile teams. Teams using Jira could easily extend planning, tracking, and reporting with other products of Atlassian, such as ...
2018/05/31   滕菲   42