ZenTao Enterprise 3.5.stable Released

ZenTao Enterprise 3.5.stable has been released! This release is to optimize the Workflow feature in ZenTao and synchronize with ZenTao open source 11.6.5 and Pro 8.5.3. You can check ZenTao ...
2019/11/18   Amber   4

ZenTao Pro 8.5.3 Released

ZenTao Pro 8.5.3 has been released! This release is to synchronize with ZenTao open source 11.6.5. You can check ZenTao open source 11.6.5 Change Log HERE.About ZenTao ProFor ZenTa...
2019/11/18   Amber   4

ZenTao Open Source 11.6.5 Released

ZenTao Open Source 11.6.5 has been released! This release is to fix bugs.Change LogStory4411 Optimize the display of child plans in Product Summary report.Bug2821 QA. Click the title of  a...
2019/11/18   Amber   4


禅道企业版3.5.stable版本发布,完善工作流功能,修复Bug。一、修改记录修复的Bug9288 考勤中签退时间不正确9287 办公的统计中出现了禅道中没有的出差和外出记录9286 反馈中设置权限后,研发和非研发用户无法在全部列表中看到公开反馈9285 点击任务工作流查看按钮页面报错9284 调休申请点击保存无反应9283 手机客户端登录后强制修改密码9282 部门考勤不显示...
2019/11/17   王怡栋   18

禅道专业版8.5.3 版本发布,主要修复Bug

大家好,禅道项目管理软件专业版 8.5.3发布,该版本主要修复Bug。专业版增强功能,具体专业版功能请点击查看 : http://www.zentao.net/book/zentaoprohelp.html 一、下载地址(专业版客户需要升级可直接联系客服) 1、中文版插件包下载: php5.3-5.6 :  官方下载源 、  sourceforge下载p...
2019/11/17   王怡栋   19


大家好,禅道项目管理软件开源版11.6.5发布,该版本主要修复Bug。一、修改记录完成的需求: 4411 优化产品汇总表中对子计划的展示修复的Bug:2821 测试单点击用例标题报错2822 点击用例库模块提示错误2824 /module/task/view/create.html.php文件语句问题,199行与151行导致页面出错2831 权限名称和菜单名称不统一修复WebHo...
2019/11/17   王怡栋   21

Tips to create a perfect website for your business

Everyone knows that a company must be connected: it needs a web page, presence in social networks, and more now in the era of entrepreneurs. However, people often forget how much the design and image ...
2019/11/15   Angel M   11

喧喧发布移动版 3.0.beta4 版本,优化交互体验,修复已知问题

喧喧发布移动版 3.0.beta4 版本,本次更新优化了登录时的交互体验,修复了一些已知问题。
2019/11/14   李露露   32

All our products support mesh network

2019/11/03   MeshIoT   39

How to manage film and television projects with project management software

The national holiday is gone. Our passion for the national celebration has not subsided, and we have high box office movies at the major theaters. Whether it is "My People, My Country" or "The Ca...
2019/10/31   Lulu Lee   39