Zsite 8.0 is finally here! New interface and new UX!

Zsite 8.0 is released! New UI and new UX!All pages of Zsite have been optimized, with feature modules being reorganized. The visual style and interactive experience have been greatly improved,...
2020/01/20   Renee Teng   64

147+ Video Marketing Statistics [Infographic]

2019/12/26   IVA MARINOVA   80

Tips to create a perfect website for your business

Everyone knows that a company must be connected: it needs a web page, presence in social networks, and more now in the era of entrepreneurs. However, people often forget how much the design and image ...
2019/11/15   Angel M   111

ZenTao Presents in Project Management(Vietnam)

IT Industry in VietnamMultinational companies like Intel, IBM, Samsung Display, Nokia and Microsoft chose Vietnam to outsource their software projects. Vietnam exported $3.5 billion worth of softw...
2019/09/24   Renee Deng   370

From Usable to Handy: "CEO" Mental Model for To-Business Products

What is a typical To-Business(2B) product in your mind?Complex and difficult to use, complicated operation, old-fashioned interface...How would you optimize a 2B product?What a designer would do...
2019/09/24   Aurora Li   201

What your should not miss learning SEO content 101

SEO content involves any local pages, category pages, product pages, blog posts, and anything that target a specific keyword phrase and attract search engine traffic. SEO content can be explained...
2019/09/12   Mirai Teng   265

Case Study: Apply ZenTao in a large-scale project

ZenTao has been well-known among small and medium sized companies and help them to manage software development projects. For large-scale projects, ZenTao is also capable of doing the Scrum tool job. B...
2019/08/22   John Weide   211

Zsite Pro 2.0 is released!

Zsite Pro 2.0 is released!  About ZSITE Pro ZSITE Pro 2.0 is based on ZSITE 7.7 open source. This release is to be compatible with the Zsite 7.7 open source version.For information o...
2019/03/21   Amber   179

Zsite 7.7 is released! New mobile view!

Zsite 7.7 is released! The mobile view has been optimization.Change LogOptimized My Order page.Optimizaed Points page.Optimized My Message page.Optimized My Theme page.Optimized My Reply pag...
2019/02/28   Amber   158

Online marketing 101: Social Media and Influencer

Have you heard of Melted Cheese? https://img.huxiucdn.com/article/content/201803/23/1236579369.gif This course is originally from Swiss and nothing special until an Influencer posted a video...
2019/02/04   Renee   378