5 Values of Scrum

2017-11-12 17:18:29
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摘要:5 values of Scrum, commitment, openness, focus, respect, courage...

If you see this page not by random, you have probably already known something about Scrum. Scrum is one of the most popular methodology to manage software development. It is for development teams of three to nine developers to decompose stories into tasks and get them done within sprints. It also allow them to track and plan in daily 15-minute stand-up meetings, and collaborate with each other to deliver in every sprint.

Scrum Roles

Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team.

Scrum Artifacts

Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and Burndown Chart.

Scrum Rituals

Sprint, Sprint Plan, Daily standup meeting, Sprint Review and Retrospetive.

Scrum Values

Scrum is a feedback-driven Agile method and is upheld by transparency, inspection, and adaptation. Therefore, all work within the Scrum framework should be visible to those responsible for the outcome. In order to do that, scrum teams need to frequently check whether the product is well developed and how cooperative the team is working. With checking ti frequently, the team can detect whther their work deviates from the plan and adapt it accordingly in development .

According Scrum, being trustworth and open is required in the team, so the five values of Scrum ask for: "

  1. Commitment: Team members individually commit to achieving their team goals, each and every sprint.
  2. Courage: Team members know they have the courage to work through conflict and challenges together so that they can do the right thing.
  3. Focus: Team members focus exclusively on their team goals and the sprint backlog; there should be no work done other than through their backlog.
  4. Openness: Team members and their stakeholders agree to be transparent about their work and any challenges they face.
  5. Respect: Team members respect each other to be technically capable and to work with good intent." 5

Scrum Tools

Not every project management software with a Kanban can call itself a Scrum tool. As a mature team which has adopt Scrum for over ten year, we would like to introduce Scrum tools to narrow down you selections.  

  • ZenTao

ZenTao is an open source project management software designed by Agile and supports Agile and Scrum. It’s the top 1 project management tool in China and has millions of users. Its design logic is about User Stories and the lifecycle of stories.Therefore, for IT product and development, ZenTao is definitely a great project management system.

  • Jira
Jira is the most famous project management software, only second to MS Project. “JIRA is the project tracker for teams planning, building and launching great products. Thousands of teams choose JIRA to capture and organize issues, work through action items, and up-to-date with team activity(Jira website).”  Many users who are fond of using JIRA are managers in the software testing. In addition, many people are interested in bug reports, which are usually provided to super administrators by QA managers.


The distinguished difference between ZenTao and other systems is that ZenTao divides the complex project management process into four major items: story, task, bug, and case. ZenTao is an All Lifecycel Management (ALM) and supports the whole management among these four items.

Overall, JIRA is “ product-issue”, while ZenTao is “ product-story” which is the important reason that many Scrum users choose ZenTao to manage software development.


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