What makes a great Scrum team

How to implement Scrum in your team? What makes a Scrum team successful? Check this post.
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FAQ: Can I get notified of any changes in ZenTao?

Transparency and openness are both important to Scrum team. Being open about our work helps create transparency to our progress. Without transparency, any attempts to inspect and adapt will be flawed....
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FAQ: Can I move bugs from one project to another?

Bug tracking is essential to product management. Some ZenTao users asked questions like whether they can move bugs from one project to the other.I suppose that I can move/copy bugs and test cases f...
2019/07/04   Mirai Ten   103

FAQ: Does ZenTao have Wiki?

 image source https://helpjuice.com/blog/corporate-wikiWikis are flexible web pages that can be edited by multiple users so to help project team members to collaborate on project docum...
2019/07/02   Mirai Ten   232

Batch Actions in ZenTao

Batch actions can expedite your information processing and save your time entering it to your management system. Some systems might ask you to purchase add-ons to do bulk creation, such as Bulk User C...
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10 Best Test Management Tools 2019

Test management are to ensure that stories of a product are properly developed and bugs are fixed, so the deliverable are ready for customers. Test management tools can help in managing test cases, te...
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ZenTao 11.5.1 is released!

ZenTao 11.5.1 is released! This release is to add the third-party authentication, fix the vulnerabilities in installation packages, and fix bugs.Change LogStory3708  Fix vulnerabilities in&n...
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ZenTao passed the evaluation from Samwell

Samwell is a high-tech company devoted to the design and development of automotive electronic products. They are long time users of ZenTao open source version and customization has been done to cater ...
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