Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room: Who writes the bad code? is the speech Niclas Hedhman gave at China Open Source Conference 2016. at which our founder has given a speech on open source at the conference. Nature...
2018/09/06   滕菲   60

ZenTao Pro 7.2 is released!

ZenTao Pro 7.2 has been released! This release is mainly to fix bugs in last version and to synchronize with ZenTao Pro 10.3. Click to view ZenTao 10.3 Change Log.About ZenTao ProFor ZenTao Pro featur...
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大家好,禅道项目管理软件专业版 7.2.stable 版本发布!该版本主要修复Bug。一、专业版功能1、集成禅道开源版10.3 功能。点击查看: 开源版10.3修改记录2、专业版增强功能,具体专业版功能请点击查看: http://www.zentao.net/book/zentaoprohelp.html二、下载地址(专业版客户需要升级可直接联系客服)2.1、Sourceforge下载:插件包(p...
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Ameba, TPS, Scrum and XP

Recently, I've joined the Ameba Study and Tour to Japan and learned about the Ameba of Kyocera and the TPS of Toyota. Back when I start to learn agile development, I've heard that that agile d...
2018/09/02   Chuck, Renee   46

Evolution of Homo Nerdis

Evolution of Homo Nerdis-From Turing to Trash, is the speech that Niclas Hedhman delivered at the China Open Source Conference 2017 at which our founder has given a speech on open source at the confe...
2018/09/01   Niclas Hedhman   68

禅道企业版 2.1 版本发布,增加Office在线编辑,增加办公和运维的手机端界面

大家好,禅道项目管理软件企业版 2.1 版本发布!该版本主要是增加Office文档的在线编辑功能,增加办公和运维模块的手机端界面。一、企业版功能1、集成禅道开源版10.3功能,点击查看: 开源版10.3修改记录2、集成禅道专业版 7.1 功能。点击查看: 专业版 7.1 修改记录3、优化运维管理、 OA 办公功能,反馈等功能界面。二、修改记录:完成的需求:5193创建 待办 优先级可以在日历上分辨...
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ZenTao Enterprise 2.1 has been released! Online office is added, and OA and DevOps in mobile app

ZenTao Enterprise 2.1 has been released! This release is mainly to add online office features and the interfaces on mobile app of DevOps and OA.ZenTao Enterprise FeaturesIntegrated with ZenTao op...
2018/08/30   Renee   35

CRM tools: a glimpse into Customer Relationship Management

There was no such thing as CRM tools. When it is getting more and more hard to do business and get customers, there it is.-AnonymousIn the past,resources were scarce. Anything you tried to sell, it w...
2018/08/24   Renee   72

Product roadmap and plan tools

A product has to be planned and set priorities. A product roadmap is a plan that matches business goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those goals. Roadmaps often focus on featur...
2018/08/20   Renee   58


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