Online marketing 101: Social Media and Influencer

Have you heard of Melted Cheese? This course is originally from Swiss and nothing special until an Influencer posted a video...
2019/02/04   Renee   28

ZenTao Enterprise 3.1 is released!

ZenTao Enterprise 3.1 has been released! This release is mainly to integrate ZenTao Client in ZenTao Enterprise. With ZenTao Client integrated, you can communicate with team members, to start a group...
2019/02/02   Renee   31

ZenTao Pro 8.1 is released!

ZenTao Pro 8.1 has been released! This release is mainly to integrate ZenTao client, to optimize details and to fix bugs in the last version and to synchronize with ZenTao 11.2. Click to view Zen...
2019/02/02   Renee   31

Zsite 7.6 is released!

Zsite 7.6 is released! The mobile client has been upgraded.Change LogOptimize the homepage on the mobile client.Optimize the style of default widgets on the mobile client.Optimize the relevant pages o...
2019/01/31   Renee   31

ZenTao 11.2 is released!

ZenTao 11.2 is released! This release is to optimize details and to fix bugs.Installation and Upgrade Manual Installation Upgrade Change LogStory3553 Integrate Xuanxuan 2.4. 3552 Database should ...
2019/01/29   Renee   36

Online marketing 101: SEO

Digital marketing plays an essential part in marketing nowadays. The power of social media has shown its great influence.For a digital marketer, you should acquire knowledge and skills includingSEOSoc...
2019/01/28   Amber   36

Parent-Child task in ZenTao

If a task is chunky and requires several users to do, it usually would be divided into child tasks. A child task is relatively small and manageable size of work. In ZenTao, you can create a task and t...
2019/01/25   Renee   33

Zdoo Pro 2.8 is released!

Zdoo Pro 2.8 is released! This release is to enhance the Amoeba feature and the HRM and to fix bugs. About Zdoo ProZdoo Pro 2.8 is based on Zdoo open source 5.1.stable. For the changelog, refer t...
2019/01/14   Amber   66

Back up MySQL in ZenTao

This instruction applies to server change from Windows to Linux.Download a one-click installation package for Linux, and unzip it to / /opt wget
2019/01/12   John   53

Document management and access control in ZenTao

Project documentation is to create, store, and distribute documents submitted in a development project. It happens that documentation is not properly done and that causes no document to refer to ...
2019/01/11   Amber   47