ZenTao Pro 8.6 is released

ZenTao Pro 8.6 has been released! This release is to synchronize with ZenTao open source 11.7.stable and to upgrade ZenTao Desktop and its server. You can check ZenTao open source 11.7.stabl...
2019/12/13   Amber   5

Edge Computing : The Future of IoT

Everything sent to the cloud is out of control if measured in milliseconds. It is the right solution to deal with the situation with resources nearby. Edge computing brings huge opportunities to the Internet of Things. Being "connected" does not have a big picture, but "fast calculation" can bring a lot to the Internet of Things.
2019/12/09   MeshIoT   15

ZenTao Open Source 11.7.stable Released

ZenTao Open Source 11.7.stable has been released! This release is mainly about bug solving and ZenTao Desktop updates.Change LogStory3701 Free trial version. Batch add users and no upper limit o...
2019/12/02   Yves   31

ZenTao Enterprise 3.5.stable Released

ZenTao Enterprise 3.5.stable has been released! This release is to optimize the Workflow feature in ZenTao and synchronize with ZenTao open source 11.6.5 and Pro 8.5.3. You can check ZenTao ...
2019/11/18   Amber   46

ZenTao Pro 8.5.3 Released

ZenTao Pro 8.5.3 has been released! This release is to synchronize with ZenTao open source 11.6.5. You can check ZenTao open source 11.6.5 Change Log HERE.About ZenTao ProFor ZenTa...
2019/11/18   Amber   38

ZenTao Open Source 11.6.5 Released

ZenTao Open Source 11.6.5 has been released! This release is to fix bugs.Change LogStory4411 Optimize the display of child plans in Product Summary report.Bug2821 QA. Click the title of  a...
2019/11/18   Amber   33

Tips to create a perfect website for your business

Everyone knows that a company must be connected: it needs a web page, presence in social networks, and more now in the era of entrepreneurs. However, people often forget how much the design and image ...
2019/11/15   Angel M   43

All our products support mesh network

2019/11/03   MeshIoT   67

How to manage film and television projects with project management software

The national holiday is gone. Our passion for the national celebration has not subsided, and we have high box office movies at the major theaters. Whether it is "My People, My Country" or "The Ca...
2019/10/31   Lulu Lee   71

Best DMS tool and more

As a big fan of ZenTao, I have understand in my practice that ZenTao is appropriate to manage Scrum development but not limited to it. ZenTao is a complete professional Application Lifecycle M...
2019/10/28   Didier Genevois   81