How to choose a webserver? Apache or Nginx?

Web server is a key factor that directly has an effect on the performance of the website. It is also an issue that each webmaster consider when choosing the operation environment for a website. There ...
2018/07/19   Yves   2

ZenTao Enterprise 2.0.beta has been released! Snychronized with ZenTao 10.0 with new UI and UX!

ZenTao Enterprise 2.0.beta has been released! This release is mainly to be synchronized with ZenTao 10.0. ZenTao Enterprise Features Integrated with ZenTao open source ZenTao 10.0. Click to se...
2018/07/06   Renee   30

ZenTao Pro 7.0.beta has been released! Synchronizd with open source 10.0 with new UI/UX.

ZenTao Pro 7.0.beta has been released! This release is mainly to be synchronized with ZenTao 10.0.stable. Click to view ZenTao 10.0.stable Change Log. About ZenTao Pro For ZenTao Pro features, cli...
2018/07/05   Renee   43

ZenTao 10.0.stable is released!

May 19, 2018--Hello, ZenTao users! The long expected release of ZenTao is finally here! This release is bringing you a brand new UI and UX, and all pages have been optimized. Since the first release...
2018/07/02   Renee   36

4 CMS Content Marketers Must Know

“If a craftsman wants to do good work, he must first sharpen his tools.” ― Confucius, The Analects Content is everything to content marketers. A content marketer should know his tools so to p...
2018/06/25   Renee   53

Agile Conference in China: AgileChina, Beijing, China, July 15-18 2018

On July 15-18 2018, AgileChina will be held in Beijing, China. AgileChina is a four-day conference about Agile and Scrum. It is part of the TiD Conference that integrates resources and forces of SPICh...
2018/06/24   Amber   44

Project Management Tools: On-Premise or Cloud?

When selecting a project management tool for your team, one of the factors you have to think about is whether it is on-premise service or cloud service. The biggest difference between those two kinds...
2018/06/17   Amberrr   58

Zdoo Pro 2.6 is released!

ZDOO Pro 2.6 is released! This release is to synchronize with Zdoo open source 4.7.stable.. About Zdoo Pro Zdoo Pro 2.6 is based on Zdoo open source 4.7.stable. For changelog, please refer to Z...
2018/06/17   Yves   70

How to Make the Dev Team Hate You, PMs!

How to make the Dev team hate the project manager? And how to avoid it? Check those tips I collected from the very experienced PMs for you.
2018/06/15   Renee   70

Zsite Pro 1.7 is released!

Zsite Pro 1.7 is released! About ZSITE Pro ZSITE Pro 1.7 is based on ZSITE 7.1 open source. This release is to be compatible with open source version. For information of ZSITE 7.1 open source, ...
2018/06/13   Yves   59