User Stories: How to Create Acceptance Criteria

When working with clients who have already started adopting Agile, one of the first iem the author look at is their backlog. Why? Because the quality of the backlog is a leading indicator to how well ...
2017/12/31   Yves   44

The History of Project Management Software

Project management software helps managers minimize costs and complete projects within the deadline. This infographic takes you through a journey of the interesting history of project management softw...
2017/12/29   Yves   59

Apply ZenTao in Samwell PSA RCE Project

Case Study: Apply ZenTao in Samwell PSA RCE Project 2017-April-11   Introduction Samwell use ZenTao open source and our team developed Module CSR to customize ZenTao.     About Samew...
2017/12/21   Renee   78

Collective code ownership is an important factor of XP

There are strong code ownership, weak code ownership and collective code ownership according to Martine Fowler, "Chief Scientist" of ThoughtWorks. The former two are individual code ownership that mod...
2017/12/17   Chuck, Renee   89

Standardize management of Agile development using ZenTao

Apply ZenTao to manage the all lifecycle of software development in Agile methodology, and standardize managment through phases of Story->Design->Code->QA->Delivery, which match feature...
2017/11/20   李士心, Renee   108

5 Values of Scrum

5 values of Scrum, commitment, openness, focus, respect, courage...
2017/11/12   Renee   48

Project Management - A Tree Swing Story

The tree swing analogy was first came in the 1970s and many variants came later on different subject, such as software and management. It depicts the difference of how each department inteprete and im...
2017/10/30   Renee   129

NO MORE BUGS: The Ideal Result of Testing

Bug management is essential to software projects. A lot f teams take the bug submission rate, the number of bugs submitted against the total number of bugs, as the KPI of testing teams. However, the...
2017/10/29   Chuck, Renee   90

What's Burndown chart and its benefits?

The definition and benefits of burndown charts in project management software.
2017/10/29   zhangjiahui   90

Crystal Reports as a feature in ZenTao

What is Crystal Reports? How does ZenTao integrate Crystal Report as feature?
2017/10/28   Renee   83